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Hi! I'm Elisabetta, an actor and performer based in Brooklyn, NY.

In the search for my artistic truth, I am relentless. I deeply treasure my Sicilian multi-cultural heritage and volcanic energy, a zealous dedication to my craft and an extensive movement background - ranging from competitive gymnastics to dance to aerial acrobatics.

My passion for performing on a stage -  with that peculiar feeling of being fully alive for the very first time - was an early discovery in my life; however, my path to professional acting was not a linear one. And yet, each detour made me a more resourceful artist and added in a unique way to my understanding of the human condition. Through my art, I'm committed to bringing to life the characters entrusted to my talent as honestly and truthfully as I’m capable; helping to tell those stories which are patiently awaiting to be told; seeking to expand the viewer’s heart as much as their mind.


Coming Soon....'RETROACTIVE' 

Elisabetta's first original content, a dark comedy series, is currently being pitched!

Be ready to meet Stella in her "adult coming of age" journey, set in a nightmare limbo between her hometown in Sicily and her New York's American dream. It's a ruthless and lonely road, save the gang of lunatic friends and family along her side...


Demo Reel


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